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Chop Shtick: part Asian part shtick

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Chop Shtick is a humorous novel about a group of artists who receive a commission to build an Upcycled sculpture in downtown Vancouver, told through the eyes of Cathy, a Chinese schizophrenic female artist. Available on Amazon and Amazon Kindle.

Reviews for Chop Shtick

Refreshing. Breezy. Humorous. Just several qualities to describe Sandra Yuen MacKay's enjoyable Chop Shtick. The added mystery and suspense, skillfully interwoven with youthful teamwork and edgy camaraderie, take the storyline to its unexpected yet satisfying conclusion. In relating the protagonist's journey to self-discovery, the author also includes a subtext dealing with schizophrenia and presents its often misunderstood condition and symptoms in a new light. The witty asides and clever turns of phrases punctuated throughout the novel are delightful, and if readers don't laugh out loud, they just ain't got a functioning sense of humor. BTW, Hollywood execs should seriously be considering this as a future money-making project for later this year.

-James D. Young (Time Passages, RERUN) 

Entertaining Story. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the novel. A story about a fictional young girl with mental illness issues told in a light and humorous way. A great start which captured my interest then the plot got into some serious issues of how she met her challenges both real and imagined. Written in everyday language rather than what one would find in medical journal full of scientific verbiage. A must read for those wanting to learn more about mental illness and definitely by those suffering from various degrees of mental illness. The public is much more aware of mental illness now thanks to people such as Sandra Yuen MacKay. Thanks to Sandra for writing the book.


Chop Shtick are based on people I know and love, interacting in a city I know and love. The characters in Chop Shtick are based on people I know and love, interacting in a city I know and love. What the book depicts so powerfully, for me, is the strong friendship and camaraderie binding this group of artists. They tease each other, complain, joke around, sometimes fight. But ultimately they support each other, both artistically and emotionally. Each one would do absolutely anything for a friend and that is what Sandra has captured so authentically and brilliantly in her book.

-Adrianne Fitch, Owner, From the Heart Personalized Poetry


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